Contaminated Sites Management and Remediation

  • soil gas monitoring

  • Soil Screening

  • Drilling Contaminated Site Management

  • Logging Drill Cuttings

  • Tank Closure

KAS provides contaminated sites management and remedial services for properties impacted by petroleum and chemical releases. KAS has been actively engaged in petroleum and hazardous sites management and cleanup work since its inception. We have extensive experience providing consulting services for all types and levels of petroleum contaminated properties.

The contaminated sites management work includes:

  • underground storage tank assessments
  • subsurface contaminant site investigations
  • dry cleaning sites investigations
  • groundwater and drinking water monitoring; and
  • soil gas testing

KAS also designs, installs, and operates remediation systems for petroleum contaminated sites. KAS has experience with many different types of remedial technologies including:

  • soil vapor extraction and air sparging
  • high vacuum extraction
  • dual phase extraction
  • interception trench and groundwater treatment
  • in-situ oxygen curtain (iSOC)
  • in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO)
  • automated free product recovery
  • soil excavation; and
  • indoor air ventilation systems.